It’s First Time Buyers fortnight where people are being inspired to buy their first homes. Here we look at what you should know and understand before you make the commitment to purchase your first home.

Most people are encouraged to do as much research as they can and to look around a wide variety of properties and location to make sure you know what you want to buy. It’s good to get a good understanding of the local market so you know the realistic price when you are putting an offer in.

First time buyers are also wise to save up as much as possible before purchase as this will give you a better mortgage and interest rate. Although in todays market you can purchase a house with only a very small deposit to help first time buyers on to the housing market.

One of the most important things when looking at buying a house, is not just the location and price, but also making sure you get a survey done and understand the findings.

Many first time buyers do not know the full details of mortgage valuations, home buyer reports and building surveys surveys so make sure you look into the full process. The factors of buying a home that you will need to understand are; choosing the right property, agreeing the sale, financing the sale, arranging the survey, instructing your solicitor, the exchange of contracts, and finally completion.

This process from beginning to completion can be quicker than you would expect, or if you reach hurdles along the way may take a while longer. Be prepared for all stages of buying your first home.

Choosing the right Survey

The home you choose is likely to be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make, so getting a survey done is essential to protect it. Depending on the type of house you buy, there are different types of surveys available.

If your house is fairly new and straightforward, then we recommend a schedule of condition report to highlight the major issues. If you property is older but fairly standard in appearance then we would recommend a building survey for advice on repairs and maintenance.

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