RICS has recently combined with over 30 worldwide organisations to try to develop industry standards and global fire safety in buildings. The International Fire Safety Standards (IFSS) Coalition was launched in Geneva this week.

The IFSS Coalition

This new coalition consists of local and global bodies committed to support and develop the standard of fire safety seen in buildings. Their aim is to establish and reinforce the minimum requirements that professionals should adhere to. This should ensure building safety in the event of any fire.

With property investments seen across international borders our property markets are needing a high level of global standards to be set. At present this sector still lacks a consistent level of design, construction and management when it comes down to fire risks and safety.

With differences seen in materials, testing, certification and building regulations across borders it brings confusion and high risks to the public. The best way to tackle the difference between countries is surely to create a worldwide global fire safety standard.

Grenfell Tower

The Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017 is a recent example demonstrating the need for an improved global approach to fire safety. Grenfell has exposed the global inadequacies and the focus now must be on the how our fire safety standards are set.

Once these high standards become developed then the IFSS Coalition will be able to work around the world to deliver these standards everywhere.

They will draw on the expertise of international fire experts to develop the high standards required to deliver across the global market.

Across the world we are seeing an increase in the need for high rise residential and commercial buildings, especially within our cities. The aim is to prevent these buildings lacking in a basic fire safety standard. The effort of the IFSS Coalition is to bring together ideas in the design and construction of such buildings internationally.