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The City of Plymouth shares road and rail links with Cornwall and the Royal Navy’s activities also span across the Tamar. Many of the services the residents of SE Cornwall receive are located in Plymouth; the most hotly debated and widely accepted principal is that a ‘Cornish Child’ can be born in Derriford Hospital, although this will no doubt remain the subject of playful discussion over one of the many fine pints that are brewed in both Cornwall & Devon.

The presence of Plymouth was first recorded During Saxon Times, albeit there would no doubt have been settlements here prior to this. Although it is often thought of as military port it was and remains an active City Port for both commerce and leisure with on going trade coming into the City from overseas. Castria has been fortunate to have had both our Architects and Engineers actively involved with maintaining and restoring may of the Listed Buildings and Scheduled Monuments the City is famed for, as well as being responsible for numerous designs and construction of both buildings and infrastructure projects in Plymouth as well as the neighbouring Cornish towns of Torpoint and Saltash and the links which connect them to the City of Plymouth.

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