The Dulux London Revolution is a 300km cycle ride taking in 360º of London! Held over a weekend, riders can take part in the event split over 2 days riding, or go for the ULTRA riding 300km in one day!

Richard has signed up alonside 2,500 other keen cyclists to raise money for Outward Bound Trust.

This mammoth cycle is on the 11th and 12th of May, so not long to prepare and train now!

The route takes in many of the iconic London landmarks before heading out into the countryside and back on one huge loop.

Dulux London Revolution

Richard Benwell Sponsored Cycle

Richard Benwell Sponsored Cycle

Richard Benwell Sponsored Cycle

(all images by Dulux London Revolution)

Richards Story

On the 11th & 12th of May 2019 I will be taking on the most colourful, challenging and hopefully enjoyable cycling event of the calendar, raising money for the Outward Bound Trust.

The Outward Bound Trust unlocks the potential in young people regardless of their financial or social circumstances through powerful, challenging outdoor adventures. This gave me at the age of 13 my first taste of independence and adventure! Not withstanding the fact that I was dreadfully homesick and discovered my fear of heights I still remember it like yesterday and if I could advise that thirteen-year-old Richard Benwell I would tell him “do not hesitate to go again, this will change your outlook on life and give you a confidence that you did not previously have!”.

A mere 300km of open roads, testing climbs, the great British weather, more climbs, saddle sores and then camping overnight with snoring comrades at the halfway point. It’ll be tough, but another challenge I have set myself before my next multiple of ten birthday!

So, if you share my belief in the benefit that the Outward Bound Trust brings each new generation, I would greatly appreciate your support.