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Castria are based in the city of Truro which is conveniently located in the centre of our County. We offer an almost unique combination of ‘inhouse’ building professionals which include Conservation Architects, Chartered Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and Surveying lead by a Chartered Building Surveyor. Meaning we are able to tailor our property advice to suit you, whether it is for a ‘smaller’ instructions in your home through to design involvement in buildings, monuments and structures of national and heritage importance as well as being part of infrastructure improvements.

If you require sound Property advice from a team of local Property Professionals who not only understand the nuisance of Cornwall, but live the Cornish way of life then please get in touch and we look forward to discussing your surveying, design and/or civil engineering needs.

If you live or work near Truro in one of Cornwall’s Mining areas then you will no doubt be aware of the mining history as well as the ongoing and proposed extraction of further metalliferous elements, minerals and china clay. We have therefore found that as part of proposed development planning as well as land and property acquisitions, mining searches are regularly recommending further investigations such as “Mining Risk Assessments” and “Visual Inspection (Mining & Ground Stability) Reports” both of which we offer in a unique reporting format that has always been accepted by Legal Advisers, lenders and insurers; unlike some other companies offering these we inspect within buildings as well as the external elevations, outbuildings and gardens/surrounding land; without an internal inspection it is likely that a second visit will be required to enable the person undertaking the inspection to understand the structural significance of any cracks in the external elevations. These inspections will only be carried out by a Chartered Building Surveyor or Structural Engineer who has a strong understanding of not only mining related defects, but building construction and common defects therefore minimising the potential need for a further visual inspection. Find out more information on our Mining page.

Truro is the Capital of Cornwall and found almost in the middle of the County. Serviced well by the A30, Truro is in between the North and South Cornish Coasts, with the Roseland easily accessible. The Iconic Truro Cathedral dominates the city centre skyline with its impressive architecture, it’s the heart of the City.

If you are looking for a Cornish Building Surveyor or Structural Engineer in Truro then Castria would be pleased to assist you with your property needs. As a Cornish based company, we offer advice and help on not only the property in question, but often able to assist in providing you with an insight to the surrounding area. We are located in Central Cornwall so that we can travel to most Cornish towns within an hour and utilise Cornwall’s public transport system where practicable, find out more About Us.

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