Taking on a building project is no easy task. Here we look at why using a chartered surveyor can help you manage your project and make sure you run on time and budget.

Managing your Project and the Risks

As we all see regularly on television time management for your project is one of the most important things to keep on top of. When you begin the building renovation, build or works you need to make sure you keep a tight lid on the budget. This usually means that a lot of people will not want to spend any extra money getting a Project Manager on board.

Often this is a bad move as being the owner you will usually have a very high workload and loose control of lots of small things, which all gradually build up into a problem. Once you start running a little late or start spending too much money then you will begin to appreciate how helpful a Project Manager could have been. They will help you with decisions and look at any risks or compromises. They will also have the foresight to consider problems like asbestos, legal documentation and health and safety.

Lots of people rush into committing to a building or space but don’t always look at the risks involved. Always seek advice on any maintenance or repairs that are needed, or any commitments or restrictions to a lease. A solicitor can provide some information based on the paperwork but you will need someone to look at the property who has the building knowledge.

Using a Chartered Surveyor

Try to make sure that you have a clear idea of what information you want out of a surveyor so they know what they are specifically looking for with your project. You may need to find a specialist if you are dealing with a complex building project with, for example, asbestos or structural problems.

A Building Survey will look at the condition of the property and help you to manage your expectations if any problems arise. Be sure to use a RICS registered Building Surveyor to ensure that you are getting factual information that you can rely on.

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